Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thank You Letter For Church Donation Letter

to Claudine and Claudine and Chaud Lapin

A massive chandelier hangs over our head and the cowhide walls surround us when you enter. The atmosphere is warm and elegant decor, the rabbit Hot aptly named.

embroidered In this place of solid wood, dark color and rough metals, we are offered a place at the bar. The wine list is well filled, but our choice stops quickly on a refreshing cup of Alligot in aperitif.

We quickly said that the daily soup is a soup of leek and cauliflower. I have not lost time to make my choice. The creamy liquid has played its role. The taste of cauliflower precedence over the rest.

Pat him, faltered for the half-salmon tartare. Blown quinoa and homemade potato chips, a little fat-served with fish are clever additions to this luscious and tasty entry.

true to ourselves, our attention has been retained by the same meal. Without consulting us, it's the rabbit kidneys we ordered. ( Y'know, the kind of dish that I avoid cooking ...) Finally, I was pleasantly surprised at the attitude! The mixture of flavorful vegetables crisp and well accompanied by a savory sauce allowed me to enjoy these small bodies with gusto and without disdain. To start and recommend!

For a glass of wine ($ 9.25), an appetizer and a meal, my bill came to more or less $ 50 tip included. Nothing Flabbergast as said the other, but a good-quality report price. I'd go back for another head-to-head in love with the majestic reclining bar or for an evening with friends!


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